Interior Signs-Metal Wallplates

Metal Wallplates are for walls and doors. They are available in gold, silver, black or bronze to complement any decor or architectural style. The frames accommodate plastic or metal inserts. Inserts may include a combination of text, logos or photos. Logo charges may apply

Black Wallplate- 2 x 8 - WBL208

Bronze Wallplate - 2 x 8 - WBR208

Gold Wallplate - 2 x 8 - WG208

SizeColorPrice w/ one line textHolder only
WG1081 x 8Gold$12.95$5.96
WS1081 x 8Silver$12.95$5.96
WG2082 x 8Gold$16.36$8.16
WS2082 x 8Silver$16.36$8.16
wBL2082 x 8Black$16.36$8.16
WBR2082 x 8Bronze$16.36$8.16
WG2102 x 10Gold$18.36$9.36
WS2102 x 10Silver$18.36$9.36
WBL2102 x 10Black$18.36$9.36
WBR2102 x 10Bronze$18.36$9.36
WG3103 x 10Gold$26.10$15.10
WS3103 x 10Silver$26.10$15.10
WBL3103 x 10Black$26.10$15.10
WG3123 x 12Gold$26.60$16.60
WS3123 x 12Silver$26.60$16.60
WBL3123 x 12Black$26.60$16.60
WG4124 x 12Gold$36.55$21.95
WBL4124 x 12Black$36.55$21.95