Name Badges-Multi Color Name Badges

These custom designed ID badges can include logos, custom designs and full color photographs. Logos and text may be any color chosen by the customer. Logos must be furnished as camera-ready. Multi-color logos will be reproduced on the name tag in the actual colors provided by the hard copy or computer file sent to us. There is a one-time set up fee of $10.00 for each logo. An additional fee will be added if we need to clean up artwork or do advanced color matching.

No FastenerPinback, Bulldog, Military Clutch & Alligator ClipPocket FoldMagnetFramed
Logo Only$7.50$8.00$10.00$10.50$14.50
Logo w/ 1 Line$8.00$8.50$10.50$11.00$15.00
Logo w/ 2 Lines$8.50$9.00$11.00$11.50$15.50
Logo w/ 3 Lines$9.00$9.50$11.50$12.00$16.00
1 Line - No Logo$7.00$8.00$9.50$10.00$14.00
2 Line - No Logo$7.50$8.50$10.00$10.50$14.50
3 Line - No Logo$8.00$9.00$10.50$11.00$15.00

Photo ID with Lanyard

ID Badge with background photo

Name Badge with Color Logo